Spray Painting vs Roll Painting

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Airless paint sprayers can cut down a paint application by hours. Spraying can also make it easier to reach those hard to reach areas at a distance. A smooth finish with no brush or roller marks is also a quoted benefit. With these benefits, why not spray? Before spray painting, there is a long prep time covering and taping. Uneven coverage is also a noted complaint with spray painting. The quantity of paint can be 2-3 times more because of the waste involved in overspray and uneven coverage. The environment on windy days also will prevent even coverage and the ability to get the job completed on time. Plus, airless sprayers take a lot of skilled practice to avoid drips and runs. Poor adhesion is also a complaint with sprayer applications.

How do they paint?

Jackson Painting recommends to customers when interviewing a paint company, to make sure to ask the painter whether they are applying with a sprayer or roll painting. The type of application will make a huge difference in the finished surface overall. We are not a spray gun company. Spray companies mask the windows and have a person that runs up and down a ladder, sprays and moves the ladder to the next section. While spraying applications are cheaper than roll applications, it is not a quality job for the surface.

Which method of painting gives more value?

On a wood sided house is textured. The stain or paint will sit on the grain if it is spray painted. When a roller is used to paint or stain, the paint is pushed into the fibers of the wood and penetrates the surface and adheres better. This painting method is a better paint job overall with an even mil thickness across the entire surface. The stain or paint is pushed into the sub straight, tipped out and brushed all the way across to the end. With roll and brush painting the applicator has excellent control, and there is an even, uniform coverage to the surfaces and tight spots. Yes, it is a slower process and may even require two or more coats, but the uniform coat and adhesion are much better.
The price of a spray-painted job may be less expensive, but for the longevity of the job, the rolled painting will give more quality for the money.

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