Repaints Vs New Constructions


Painting is a  specialty trade. Some painters do only new construction. Others do repaint jobs. Not all paint jobs end up with the same results. New construction contractors are not adept at being in the residential environment where valuables are present. Some painting contractors are not used to cleaning their feet and mindful of using the facilities or being in that environment. Jackson Painting is experienced to be in the homeowner’s environment. We specialize in repaints.

We Maintain Order

Digital pictures are taken on the onset and then referenced for reassembly to place things back exactly where they belong. The furniture is carefully covered with plastic and all the pieces organized. We work room to room while we’re in the process. Areas will be complete before moving on, so the whole house is not in disarray. This organization will assure the client has some semblance of order within the progression. We don’t start on the bottom floor and work on the far end of the house at the same time. Our service is approached systematically, breaking things down and doing the prepping, painting, cleaning and setting things back up and moving forward.

We Keep Painting Painless

The rooms that need to be serviced first at the homeowner’s convenience are a priority before other rooms are disassembled. We are very organized, experienced and know how to handle all the details of a disassembly and reassembly in a home. Knowing when to use scaffolding versus ladders, making sure the floors are properly covered, and the homeowner’s belongings are safely stored and away from paint splatters are all things we are acutely aware and take seriously.