Which Paint Do You Choose?


Choosing a paint can be a confusing task. The following is a lesson in coatings and finishes that will give some guidance in knowing what to choose for your next paint project.

Jackson Painting is not locked into any particular brand. We steer clients to their favorite product in an upper midline price point which would be in a $30-50 range. We find most of the brands and coatings are similar.

What Kind of Surface Are You Painting?

We advise using the proper coating for the proper procedure. For instance, if you will be painting a deck, a deck line product is appropriate. If a high moisture area is getting painted, then paints designed for moist areas would be chosen. If metal work is to be painted, then proper and specific coatings are available for each application. Lining up those products for those specific needs is the key.

Paying attention to the sub straight before applying is another element and process in getting a good finish. A good painter will examine the surface and test whether it is too moist, for instance, if you are putting down a concrete stain. A moisture test would be done to ensure that the stain doesn’t lift because of poor building practices in preparation when the cement was originally poured.

Paint has two aspects to note. The vehicle (the transporter of the solids) can be oil based or water based. When the oil or water evaporates, the solids (resins and binders) are left on the sub straight. That material is left to allow you to wash and clean, and protect from UV rays. The binders are what makes the substance stick to the surface, and the resins are what’s left to keep the paint protected (like on the interior).

Differences in Paint Finishes

If a paint chip was taken off the wall and examined in a microscope, a flat finish will have ridges. These ridges deflect light. That is why a flat is not shiny, and it looks flat. The more the sheen is seen in a paint finish, the less microscopic ridges are evident. The coating is slicker the shinier it is. If a flat finish is wiped continuously back and forth, it is called burnishing, and it will eventually become shiny because the ridges are being worn off. More advancements have been made in the flats or mattes, and they are designed to be washed or wiped down with a damp cloth, but the benefit of a flat coating is still in tack to hide imperfections and irregular surfaces.

Titanium dioxide is the whitener in the solids that make the colors pop. It is an expensive ingredient to add to paint but makes the colors vibrant.

Acrylics are a form of water-based paints. Acrylic is a hardener in the coating. Enamel finishes are another harder sub straight and give the ability to scrub even harder on a surface.

When choosing paint for your next project, take these aspects into consideration. The proper finish in the proper location will give longevity along with proper preparation. We look forward to helping you make these decisions. Give us a call today.