Pressure Washing

Preparation prior to a paint job is the key to a quality outcome on an exterior or interior surface. On the exterior, we start by preparing the surface to be painted by cleaning and power-wash-pressure_wash-painting-contractor-jackson-paintingpressure washing it. A surface filled with grit, dust, mildew, mold, or oils will not give a good finish to a painted surface, so the first step is to spray the surface with a multi-solution that penetrates the layers of grime. This is left to set for a few minutes. A pressure washer is used, with a pressure typically between 2200-3500 PSI. Proper techniques for pressure washing are necessary to prevent damage to the exterior surface. Too much pressure can result in damage to the wood, deterioration of the painted surface, or excess moisture. After a thorough cleaning and pressure washing, we recommend allowing the surface to dry sufficiently for at least one day for latex and a week for oil-based paints, depending on humidity. While cleaning, flakes of loose paint, oils, and mildew are removed to prep for sanding and proper bonding. Preparing the surface for the next step is key to an overall finished exterior.

Mold, Algae & Mildew Removal

Due to moisture in the air and humid temperatures, the exterior surfaces of your home will inevitably retain mold, algae, and mildew if not properly treated and maintained. The mold, algae, and mildew feed on organic materials, and will colonize and multiply quickly. Applying bleach to the surface may help temporarily, but within a few weeks the growth will most likely come back, and your exterior surface will become a breeding ground again. Our multi-chemical solutions with the proper application helps give protection to the surface before we initially prepare it with sanding and paint. Our extensive experience in this area will help you with your surface cleaning and preparation, especially through pressure washing.

Wood Repair

During a consultation, an inspection is conducted for any necessary wood repair, whether it is wood rot or cupping of boards. The homeowner’s concerns are always a primary focus, whether they are aesthetic or structural. A specialized carpenter/contractor can be recommended through Jackson Painting to the homeowner in order for the work to be staining-floors-jackson-paintingcompleted and painting to begin. This is usually a separate cost for the owner. Rot issues will normally be around windows (moisture damage), and fascia boards (damage from carpenter bees and woodpeckers), and these are usually minor. Repairing these issues and preparing the surfaces for painting will provide a clean and consistent overall look to any new paint job.

Concrete Staining

Concrete stains are applied in a two coated application and are available in a variety of colors. We prep the surface by power washing and then etch the concrete by applying muriatic acid. This opens the concrete and makes it more porous. The concrete stains we use are xylene based. The first coat is cut 30% with xylene and the second coat is applied with 100%. Both interior and exterior concrete staining is used. Concrete staining is perfect for garage floors and patios. This painting application is one-third of the cost of a two-part epoxy system. This staining seals the concrete and keeps dust down while preventing the absorption of stains. Consequently, an oil drop will sit on the surface, and when wiped away will leave the surface untainted. The coatings can mar over time from normal wear, but the next application will only require a light wash and a roll on to update the initial application. The update is a maintenance application and can be applied every 4-5 years.

Wallpaper Removal

Depending on how well the walls were prepped before applying the wallpaper will determine the time it takes to remove the wallpaper. If the walls were sized properly with a sizing coating either clear or pigmented, then the wallpaper will pull off easily. When the wallpaper is dampened, it is designed to pull off while the sizing activates to lock down the sheetrock paper and prevent it from ripping. This doesn’t guarantee that it won’t rip, but it helps. We wash the walls afterward and get it down to the clean, sound surface. If it tears the sheetrock paper, we can skim coat the wallboard and get it smooth and ready for painting or resurfacing with additional wallpaper or painting. A solution of hot water is used along with scrolling the paper if necessary. This is prep for an application of an oil based primer to lock in any of the adhesive residues that still may be lingering on the walls. Jackson Painting is efficient at removing wallpaper from surfaces.

Sheet Rock Repair

Drywall damage can be a nuisance when painting. All cracks, large and small holes or dents need to be repaired to give a clean, seamless, finished surface with no hint of previous problems. Whether it is a nail pop repair or a large section repair, we have the tools and experience to finish the surface flawlessly.

Color Consultation

We recommend using samples from the paint store to decide upon the colors for each room. Once a color is chosen, we paint-can-painting-painterlike to see it ahead of time to determine if it will require a single or double coated application. During the color choosing process, we recommend to buy the samples and put them on the wall from corner to corner. A piece of construction paper can also be painted on and pinned on the walls in different locations and under different lighting locations. After narrowing down the choice, picking the exact color and putting it on the wall is also recommended before a larger investment is made.  All lighting locations should be considered before any choices are made, as southern light and northern light can make the paint look slightly different.

Staining and Painting

The type of surface being prepared plays a vital part in the choice to either paint or stain. Longevity and environmental factors are determined and discussed with the homeowner. We take our time by providing you with information in order for you to make the best choice.

We specialize in repaints. Once a client has entrusted us to do the job, we come in and do it well. Our systems of organization are tried and true to deliver the best product and service for each customer. We have successful systems in place for safety, set up, and clean up. We always check for paint splatters on surrounding surfaces. We check the grass for debris and clean it, in addition to making sure that everything is in its place at the end of the job. The homeowner is requested to review and discuss any concerns they may have. Communication is key to our success, and we always want to make sure that the homeowner is satisfied with our service.