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Spray Painting vs Roll Painting

Airless paint sprayers can cut down a paint application by hours. Spraying can also make it easier to reach those hard to reach areas at a distance. A smooth finish with no brush or roller marks is also a quoted benefit. With these benefits, why not spray? Before spray painting, there is a long prep […]

Stains: Differences Between Water-Based and Oil-Based

There are distinct advantages to using either water based or oil based stains. Taking each pro and con into consideration will make the choice easier as you contemplate. Moisture can damage the wood as it soaks it up causing swelling while UV rays will dry and shrink the unpainted wood, causing possible cracking and warping […]

Which Paint Do You Choose?

Choosing a paint can be a confusing task. The following is a lesson in coatings and finishes that will give some guidance in knowing what to choose for your next paint project. Jackson Painting is not locked into any particular brand. We steer clients to their favorite product in an upper midline price point which […]

Repaints Vs New Constructions

Painting is a  specialty trade. Some painters do only new construction. Others do repaint jobs. Not all paint jobs end up with the same results. New construction contractors are not adept at being in the residential environment where valuables are present. Some painting contractors are not used to cleaning their feet and mindful of using […]

Which Wood Stain to Use?

Wood stain can be used on wood surfaces to enjoy the texture of the grain yet protect the surface. Choosing the right wood stain for the job boils down to five choices as follows. Clear wood stain, such as Thompson’s Water Seal will soak into the wood like water. This clear wood stain is sealing […]