Ken Zeegers started his career in Florida in the 90’s remodeling high end hotels and putting up breathable wall coverings. He later moved to Western North Carolina in 1996 and continued the trade by expanding his business into exteriors. One of his favorite stories to tell is how he encountered one of his clients. Ken met a girl at church and complimented her on her beautiful voice, as she sang in the choir. She had just bought a home and asked him if he would paint it. He began the job by removing three layers of wallpaper. He spent so much time on the job that he fell in love with the girl with the beautiful voice and married her. Now he paints for others in his community.

Jackson Painting was started locally and owned by two different entrepreneurs before Ken Zeegers obtained the business 12 years ago and took it over, combining it with his existing painting business. The established reputation of both his business and Jackson Painting tripled his exposure and the rest is history.

Ken loves his job and is blessed to do something he sincerely enjoys. He continues to work with a crew of men with great spirit and work ethic. They enjoy what they do every day, and this reflects on the product and service given to the clients of Jackson Painting.

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